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Braunschweig, de
About me:
Hi. I'm from Germany! I'm a Xena fan since 1997, and it's just great to find every day something new about that show or the actors. First i was watching Hercules, but then Xena showed up and it was just a great character. From that moment on, i was totally a member of the Xenaverse. I hope i will find some friends here, if not, i will have a lot of fun.
Favorite Music:
Melissa Etheridge Shania Twain Pink Madonna Robbie Williams Kings of Leon Nickelback Not really Music, but the sound of Nature can be very relaxing: ocean waves, rain falling, thunderstorm, bubbling creek!
Favorite TV Shows:
Xena Warrior Princess Battlestar Galactica Navy CIS Criminal Minds The Mentalist CSI - All shows Bones
Favorite Movies:
Locust Vampire Bats Diamond and Guns Boogeyman 1 and 2 Bedtime Stories Lord of the Rings Pirates of the Carribean Monster Nell

What I've Been Up To

Yesterday was the DVD Release of Bedtime Stories here in Germany and today (1 of May) i watched it!
I never would have bought it, but there was Lucy in it. I want to have all Movies with Lucy in it, so i bought this one too.
Lucy is wonderful as Aspen, such an arrogant (sorry) bitch! And in the different costumes, that was wonderful to see. I liked her as a crab in the Star Wars like scenes.

Let's see what she will do next!

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Places to visit

There is only one place i want to visit before i get old!
That will be New Zealand.

(Maybe New York - because a good friend of mine is living there)

(And maybe Anaheim in California, another friend lives there)

People I look up to

Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor (Of course)
My mother (who died 2006)
And people who stand up for there rights!

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